Speaking Engagements


Did you know, that the word ‘doctor’ in Latin actually means ‘teacher’? Dr. Carey’s health talks are free opportunities for you to learn key things about how to take care of your most important asset: your health.

We are experiencing a major health crisis in this country. Unfortunately, ignorance is no longer bliss. This current generation of children is the first generation in human history that has a life expectancy less than that of their parents. These children are not expected to die from traumas or infectious diseases, but from diseases like diabetes which are largely preventable.

Dr. Carey is an expert on a variety of health areas. Prior to obtaining his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree, he studied nutrition at the University of Maine; and then took hundreds of hours of post-graduate courses in Functional Neurology through the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies.

Dr. Carey’s presentations are always well-researched, humorous, mentally digestible, and an incredible educational experience for your friends and family. Nothing is solicited or sold at these talks, which are simply an opportunity for you to meet Dr. Carey, share his knowledge, and improve your own health.

Dr. Carey is happy to come speak to your group, company, or organization. Please contact the office to find out more.

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