Watch and read some of the amazing transformations in health, function and quality of life from some of our very satisfied patients.

Danielle Giannone

  • Thomas Parsons

    “Dr. Carey has been adjusting me for 5 years now. He is professional, considerate, and very knowledgeable. Regular Chiropractic care has been integral to my goal of running a marathon on all 7 continents. My lower back pain and knee pain has also been kept in check.”

  • Danielle Giannone

    “Dr. Sean is amazing! I was very skeptical of Chiropractors at the beginning but now I know his care works! I feel better than I have in years. He is such a nice guy who is incredibly easy to talk to. You can just tell how sincere he is about wanting to help people live better lives. He is truly gifted when it comes to making the human body function better. Go see him– He has changed my life!”

  • Drew Verrengia

    “I would most definitely recommend Dr. Sean to all of my family and friends. I’ve been going for about a month now and after just my first appointment, I was feeling instant relief. I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to chiropractic care, but now, thanks to Dr. Carey, I now am a firm believer. He goes above and beyond to make sure that each person that walks into his office is as comfortable as possible and provides the utmost care to every patient. For that, I can not be more thankful!”

  • Tiffany Rock

    “Best chiropractor I have ever been to! Dr. Sean and his staff are very friendly and welcoming. He offers free workshops along with regular chiropractic care that are very interesting and helpful. He is also constantly traveling to different conferences and workshops to expand his knowledge to give patients the best possible care they deserve. Dr. Sean has helped my entire family tremendously. I recommend Precision Chiropractic to everyone I know!”

  • Dustin R.

    “Dr. Carey has an amazing ability to identify the root cause of any health problem. Whenever I get adjusted, I get off the table feeling like a million bucks! I highly recommend Dr. Carey for ANY health concern you have. He is extremely intelligent and really understands how the body works.”

  • Jared Yagjian

    “Under Dr. Sean’s care I have been able to recover from injury faster and more efficiently, all while maintaining an athletic lifestyle. Since being under Dr. Sean’s care, I have been able to break through plateaus in the gym and get to where I want to be physically. I highly recommend the techniques and care that Dr. Sean provides.”

  • Brandy Rock

    “Dr. Sean is an amazing chiropractor. I gave up skiing ten years ago due to back pain. After getting weekly adjustments from Dr. Sean for the past year, I am back on skis enjoying my life again. I am living with much less pain. My allergies are more manageable and my asthma is completely gone. I can’t thank him enough for all his help!”

  • Emily Liddell

    “It’s been wonderful being treated by Dr. Sean. I’ve had chronic back pain all my life, and within 1-2 months of seeing him, my pain level has dramatically decreased, allowing me to be much more active and also more involved with the non-profit charity work I do. I’m very grateful that this treatment has worked so well when so many before have not had an effect. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to ameliorate their back and shoulder pain and get their spine and body in better alignment.”

  • Patty Carroll

    “With years of chiropractic care, I was well-versed in the procedures at appointments, and familiar with the level of relief and results. That all changed when I went to Dr. Sean, whose adjustments have made such a difference in my mood and well-being that the amount of positive improvement has surprised me. I also take a few of the supplements sold in the office that have also aided in my recovery. I know I have a long way to go, with thinks like osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, and muscle pain, but I feel in excellent hands with Dr. Sean, whose treatments have made such a difference.”

  • Kelly C.

    “Dr. Carey or “MAGIC HANDS” as I like to call him is simply the best at what he does. He genuinely cares about your health (you will see how thorough he is during your time with him). When he’s not busy being the best, he’s studying how to be better. As both a patient, and former co-worker I have seen Dr. Carey grow into his dream of running his own very successful business! I remember when Dr. Carey left Lynnfield and started working out of Newburyport, and the testimonies of his work that overflowed my massage office. This didn’t just go on for a few days. It went on for months I believe that in itself is a testimony to Dr. Carey and his passion for health and wellness. My favorite is his serious face when he is analyzing your body during an adjustment and you can see his brain in motion!”

  • Cynthia Fougere

    “BACK IN THE GAME! Thanks to Dr. Carey, I am able to compete in Crossfit again as a master’s athlete. When I first came to his office 4 months ago, I was having nerve pain that was radiating down my arm and into my fingers. I was very frustrated by not being able to do any upper body exercises or overhead lifting without pain. The pain was so bad, that it radiated all day long. I wanted a Doctor who understood the intensity of what my body was going through as a crossfit athlete. His detailed knowledge of the crossfit movements and the toll it takes on your body was crucial in his ability to help me. After taking x-rays and discussing a plan, I was on my way to a recovery. Within two weeks, my symptoms were about 70% better and after three weeks, they were 100% better and I was able to work at full capacity. I knew that I had found someone very special! For the last three months, Dr. Carey has helped me stay healthy and injury free. I really needed someone to make sure that everything is working, as it should, so that I can crossfit in top form and pain free. Dr. Carey is absolutely up to the task. My entire body is functioning at a much higher level and three months later I am still injury and pain free.”

  • Serenity Maxwell

    “Highly Recommended! When I first visited Precision Chiropractic, I didn’t believe in chiropractors; I believed all of the negative rumors. I play a lot of softball and during the 2013 season I ended up with major sciatic pain; it affected my performance and a whole lot more. Dr. Sean Carey was enthusiastically recommended to me by a friend and I quickly realized why. He’s great with people and he’s passionate about his job. When he’s not with a patient, he’s learning as much as he can about the practice and human health. Dr. Carey provided a professional evaluation and required an X-Ray before beginning his work. He helped me to understand why I was in so much pain and built out a plan to realign my spine. My sciatic pain is not the only thing that’s gone; Dr. Carey has alleviated many other aches, pains, and noisy joints that I had forgotten I was living with. I learned a lot in just the first few weeks of seeing Dr. Carey and I’m grateful. I never realized how much of my body is affected by minor misalignments in my spine, it even effects my health and mental functioning. I highly recommend Dr. Sean Carey at Precision Chiropractic! Maybe I’ll see you there. :)”

  • Anna L.

    “When you see a doctor these days, chances are in todays health care system, they spend a few short minutes with you only to treat your symptoms and not address the root cause of your malaise. Often times you find yourself in and out of an appointment asking yourself- ‘Ok what just happened, and why dont I feel any better despite this prescription which is supposed to heal me?” Within the first few minutes spent in his presence, you see that a visit with Dr. Sean Carey is quite different from that of the one mentioned above. He actually takes the time to listen to you, asking you questions that at first may seem to have no relevance to the issues you may think you have. He then sets out to find a solution to your individual needs and aliments. Whether young or old, Dr. Carey makes you feel comfortable and at ease! One is confident that if at first he does not have an answer for you, he will in the near future-only after much due diligence and research on the matter of YOUR individual health issues. He lives up to the name of his practice- your care is delivered with the utmost PRECSION!!! Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Dr. Sean Carey!!! :)”

  • Brian Consolazio‎

    “I am incredibly fortunate to have found what I feel to be the elite Chiropractic resource in Eastern Massachusetts in Dr. Sean Carey. When I first began treatments under Dr. Carey, my case of scoliosis coupled with a herniated disc had left me unable to tie my own shoes each morning. Dr. Carey implemented aggressive and highly focused adjustments to treat my whole body, enabling me to not only heal but also level my pelvis, reverse the curvature of my spine and relieve my constant pain. I believe the term was “unprecedented” that he used when describing my reversal of symptoms in approximately 1 year’s time. I feel strongly that without Dr. Carey’s astute knowledge, intuitive listening skills and distinct ability to treat serious spinal issues, I would not have been able to heal as quickly and completely as I did. It is no coincidence that I went from unable to tie my shoes to hiking Mt. Washington while carrying a pack within a year of consistent adjustments from Dr. Carey. I continue to receive adjustments as regular maintenance in order to benefit from his superior methodology in spinal issue diagnosis. My confidence in him has encouraged my family to come under his care as well to maintain and complement our active lifestyles. We look forward to working with Dr. Carey as he establishes himself as a distinguished leader in his field.”

  • Mike Perrotta

    “I had heard of Precision Chiropractic from a friend at work. I am in the tennis business and years of teaching have taken its toll. I also had a car accident last year. I did not know I had sustained a pretty serious neck injury. I had not been feeling well and thought I would try Precision Chiropractic. I did not realize how out of line my body had become. The work Dr. Carey has done on me is incredible! My headaches have gone away, my balance has returned and I am starting to feel like myself again after his adjustments on my neck, back and hips. I would highly recommend Dr. Carey to anyone who might be suffering like myself!”

  • Brittany Fraser

    “I highly recommend Dr. Sean and his friendly staff at Precision Chiropratic. As a lifelong athlete with ankle, knee and back issues, Dr. Sean has always been able to identify my problem areas / pain (usually without me even telling him) and get them straightened out, literally! What impresses me most about Dr. Sean’s practice is his deep understanding of how the body works as a complete unit and his use of new techniques to align the body. Since incorporating visits to Precision Chiropractic into my healthcare routine, I have seen great health improvements. I recommend with great confidence and personal success!”

  • Justin Hall

    “I started going to Dr. Carey when my wife popped her rib working out. He was more than accommodating coming in on his off hours to help her as soon as possible. She’s made a full recovery and is back in the gym feeling better than she was before. I’m an avid crossfitter and mountain biker so my body goes through a lot in a typical week. I didn’t have any problems before I started seeing Dr. Carey, but I’ve seen a huge difference in both the gym and biking after seeing him consistently. My wife and I also sleep better, get sick less, and feel less tired now that we’re getting aligned every other week. I would highly recommend Dr. Carey to anyone whether you have pain or just want to stay healthy.”

  • Tory Gray

    “Dr. Sean Carey is phenomenal! He truly offers his patients the highest quality chiropractic care in the North Shore of Massachusetts. He shows exceptional knowledge and expertise, and is meticulous when it comes to his adjustments. Following his adjustments I feel revitalized, almost as if a switch has been turned back on. Chiropractic is for everyone, whether you are suffering from pain or discomfort, or even if you think you are totally healthy. Everyone can benefit because instead of masking or treating the symptoms, chiropractic attempts to get to the root cause through a more holistic approach. Go see Dr. Sean Carey – I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!!!!!”

  • Brent Miffitt

    “I’ve known Dr. Sean Carey since high school and have seen his progress both as a student and professional. He has always worked hard and studied to be the best he can as a chiropractor. I’ve been competing in CrossFit and kettlebell competitions for over 5 years now and whenever I have an injury or my body acts up, Dr. Carey is there to bring me back to health. At one point, I separated my shoulder and couldn’t even raise it over my head. With Sean’s help I was back training in no time, after just one adjustment to the area I could feel the difference. Whether you’re looking for maintenance to keep your body healthy or have some sort of injury, Precision Chiropractic is sure to help!”

  • Kelsey Hall

    “I think it’s important to put in a good word when a notable service is received…it can be hard to come by these days! I can’t express enough gratitude to Dr. Sean Carey. Recently, I displaced a rib (working out, wish I had a better story!) and could hardly move, or even breathe for that matter, without sharp pains running through my back and around my side. Before we knew exactly what was wrong, we contacted Dr. Carey and from my symptoms he knew what is was. Not only did he see my right away, but he did it in his off hours. After adjusting me a few times, I felt a world of difference and quite the relief! My husband and I now see Dr. Carey on a regular basis and come from New Hampshire to do so. His care is superior to anywhere else we’ve been and his knowledge and understanding of chiropractic care is excellent.”

Ann & Maleigha Johnson

Britta Johnson

Stephanie Kelley

Jessamyn Anderson

Peter & Linda Alford

Budd Kelley

  • Doug Heestead

    “As an avid triathlete, I have always struggled to stay injury-free through the hundreds of hours of training every season. I have worked with many different practitioners, but I always seem to be struggling with one injury or another. It wasn’t until I started working with Dr. Sean Carey at Precision Chiropractic that I begin to address to root cause of my injuries. Dr. Sean’s approach was to help me build a solid foundation, restoring mobility and balance to my core: my hips, lower back, upper back and neck. The difference has been incredible! My body is now moving as it was designed to move and my injuries and long-standing compensation patterns have disappeared. I highly recommend Precision Chiropractic for any athlete that wants to reduce injury and improve performance!”

  • Andrew Whalen

    “I must admit that I was a little skeptical about seeing a chiropractor when walking in the door for the first time. However, Dr. Sean’s deep knowledge and understanding of the human body coupled with his clear communication style built credibility and trust fast. I’ve been receiving treatment for 2 months, and I feel great! The front desk staff are always warm and welcoming.”

  • Diana Anderson

    “I am very pleased with the treatment I’ve receive from Dr. Sean Carey. Since my accident, I’ve seen a number of doctors over the past few years. The level of expertise and care I’ve receive at the Wellness Center is second to none. Dr. Carey’s treatment has surpassed many of the experienced doctors I’ve been treated by. He has carefully diagnosed and addressed my issues and I’m finally making progress and feeling better. I highly recommend Dr. Carey along with the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Precision Chiropractic.”

  • Derek Donachie

    “The first time I met Dr. Carey, I was having a lot of back pain. I was also having trouble taking deep breaths. When I inhaled, I couldn’t get a full breath, and it was really painful on the right side of my back. Within the first 5 minutes of my adjustment, he found that I had two ribs out of place. I’m happy to say that within the next few visits, he had gotten my ribs back in place. It’s been close to a year now, and next week I’m running my first Spartan Race! I feel that if I hadn’t seen Dr. Carey when I did, I’d still be laying around the house in pain, rather than running and training for next week. I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Carey!”

  • Jane M Gibbs

    “I can’t say enough about Dr. Sean, Britta, and Precision Chiropractic. A year ago, I had to take so much Ibuprofen (2400-3200 mg) throughout the day and night that I could tell time and “set my watch” by when it would wear off. I could not survive without it, the pain in my neck and shoulders was intense. I tried PT, acupuncture, special stretches, ice, heat, lidocaine patches, umpteen different vibrating devices, the works, all to no avail. But, after undergoing a Structural BioCorrection program with Dr. Sean Carey, I happily became Ibuprofen-FREE and pain-FREE! I heartily recommend Precision Chiropractic to you!”

  • Judith Pavluvcik

    “Highly highly recommend Dr Sean and Britta. After seeing my x-rays I finally understood where all the pain was coming from and started my treatment immediately. After my first adjustment I was able to sleep soundly through the night. And I had been blaming all my pain on my mattress! Boy was I wrong! I’ve been sleeping soundly since that treatment and all subsequent treatments. I’m thrilled with my progress!”

  • Marie Houde Drewry

    “Dr. Sean is very caring and takes the time to meet with you to see what’s going on before he makes any adjustments. We’re never rushed.
    He’s helped my husband (who works hard in construction) feel great again, me (prone to migraines, lower back pain and hormone fluctuations) feel myself again, and my 15 yo son, who had a curving spine and is growing fast, feel great and no more curve (amazing).
    You’re the best Dr. Sean!!”

  • Elena Bachrach‎

    “Just wanted to thank Sean Carey for seeing me this week and making it possible to move ahead with big event pain-free, would not have thought it possible – thank you for your care.”

  • Aileen Maconi

    “Is gentle in care yet gets the job done. If your objective is wellness and not a quick patch-up, Dr. Sean is a good place to start.”

  • Alicia Gomes

    “Dr. Sean is the best! He’s very professional and caring.”

  • Rosemarie Kountz

    “I came in yesterday in very bad shape with back pain. I had strained my back lifting boxes. I cannot believe how much better I feel in one day after seeing Dr. Sean. Thank you!”

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