Return to Spring!

The ice is thawing, green little threads sprout from the ground and birdsong weaves its way to you through the wintry air. Spring is about to spring! It is near impossible not to get infected by the joyful spirit of the seasons changing, bringing with it thousands upon thousands of […]

Loosen Your Body to Loosen Your Mind!

We all know that one person who strides into yoga class happy and confident to contort this way and that, with seemingly no effort. As you try to lower your head closer to your knee you can only think to yourself “what does she know that I don’t? How can […]

Boost Your Immune System This Flu Season!

Boost Your Immune System This Flu Season Rejoice! Flu season is upon us. It’s not for nothing they call this the most wonderful time of the year: ‘Tis the season to go in a seemingly endless loop from chest cold to head cold, with maybe a bad stomach thrown in […]

A Meditation To Beat the Winter Blues!

It’s winter. The holidays are over, but the snow has not yet begun to melt. Summer is both long gone and far off, still. It’s all too easy to focus on doom and gloom this time of year, scratching ice off your wind shield with numb fingers. But those of […]

Ask Dr. Sean Thursdays! Do I have to see a chiropractor forever?

Question: How long do I need to go to the chiropractor? Do I have to go forever? This is a question that I get asked so much! It can seem so daunting once starting chiropractic care to imagine having to get checked forever! The human body is beyond amazing, and […]

Chiropractic: Can it help with Neurodevelopmental Disorders?

I always get excited when we have new kids come into the office. In today’s world, more and more of these kids are coming in with significant challenges – everything from being on the spectrum, to having ADD/ADHD, PANDAS, or sensory processing disorder. I want to be very clear that […]

The Gifted Children

One of the things that amazes me most about the children who are challenged today is that they often have gifts in direct proportion to the challenges that they have faced. Restlessness can become drive and ambition later in life. Problems with authority can lead a person to become a […]

Do you have any of these 5 spinal warning signs?

                                        1) Chronic headaches Headaches can be a huge indicator that someone has a problem in their cervical spine (neck). There are many different types of headaches, but there a few types that stand out in relation to spinal health. These include migraine headaches, headaches that start in the back of […]

Why are our kids so anxious?

Lately we have been seeing lots and lots of kids in the office, and many of these children have significant levels of anxiety. This concerns me greatly, because our children truly are our future. Without healthy children, it is impossible to have a healthy society. As a product of the […]

Lauren Chapman (Salisbury, MA)

Most adults seek chiropractic care as a hopeful alternative to Western Medicine. They are tired of the medicated state most doctors want to put them in. Well, that happened to me, but more importantly having that knowledge helped me avoid a costly, painful and unnecessary procedure recommended for my daughter.Sophia […]

Phyllis TeSelle (Newburyport, MA)

When I learned that Dr. Tom was retiring, I was shocked. And when I was introduced to his replacement, I was even more shocked. How could this very young doctor possibly take over? So, imagine my surprise when after a few visits with Dr. Sean, I was singing his praises […]

Jared Yagjian (Rowley, MA)

Under Dr. Sean’s care I have been able to recover from injury faster and more efficiently, all while maintaining an athletic lifestyle. Since being under Dr. Sean’s care, I have been able to break through plateaus in the gym and get to where I want to be physically. I highly […]

Derek Donachie

The first time I met Dr. Carey, I was having a lot of back pain. I was also having trouble taking deep breaths. When I inhaled, I couldn’t get a full breath, and it was really painful on the right side of my back. Within the first 5 minutes of […]

Diana Anderson

I am very pleased with the treatment I’ve receive from Dr. Sean Carey. Since my accident, I’ve seen a number of doctors over the past few years. The level of expertise and care I’ve receive at the Wellness Center is second to none. Dr. Carey’s treatment has surpassed many of […]

Brian Consolazio (Wenham, Massachusetts)

I am incredibly fortunate to have found what I feel to be the elite Chiropractic resource in Eastern Massachusetts in Dr. Sean Carey. When I first began treatments under Dr. Carey, my case of scoliosis coupled with a herniated disc had left me unable to tie my own shoes each […]

Great Experience!

I must admit that I was a little skeptical about seeing a chiropractor when walking in the door for the first time. However, Dr. Sean’s deep knowledge and understanding of the human body coupled with his clear communication style built credibility and trust fast. I’ve been receiving treatment for 2 […]

Upper Back Pain – Gone!

I came in yesterday in very bad shape with back pain. I had strained my back lifting boxes. I cannot believe how much better I feel in one day after seeing Dr. Sean. Thank you! Rosemarie K. Newburyport, MA 01950

In excellent hands!

Unlike traditional chiropractors, our goal is NOT to treat your symptoms. Our goal is to find out if you have an underlying Structural Shift, and then correct it. When you have optimized structure, everything just works better. When we correct these Structural Shifts, many people find their secondary conditions go […]

Lower back pain decreased dramatically!

It’s been wonderful being treated by Dr. Sean. I’ve had chronic back pain all my life, and within 1-2 months of seeing him, my pain level has dramatically decreased, allowing me to be much more active and also more involved with the non-profit charity work I do. I’m very grateful […]

Dr. Carey makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

When you see a doctor these days, chances are in today’s health care system, they spend a few short minutes with you only to treat your symptoms and not address the root cause of your malaise.  Often times you find yourself in and out of an appointment asking yourself- ‘Ok […]

Magic Hands!

Dr. Carey or “MAGIC HANDS” as I like to call him is simply the best at what he does. He genuinely cares about your health (you will see how thorough he is during your time with him). When he’s not busy being the best, he’s studying how to be better. […]

Phenomenal! I feel revitalized!

Dr. Sean Carey is phenomenal! He truly offers his patients the highest quality chiropractic care in the North Shore of Massachusetts. He shows exceptional knowledge and expertise, and is meticulous when it comes to his adjustments. Following his adjustments I feel revitalized, almost as if a switch has been turned […]

The best of the best!

Dr. Carey is genuine in the care he gives his patients.  He takes his time with each and every one he treats.  He is always striving to be even better then what he already is! Dr. Carey is not only professional and personable but he is the best of the […]

Paleolithic Nutrition – Maximize Your Health!

Dr. Sean Carey will be doing a talk about Paleolithic nutrition on Saturday June 1st, at CrossFit Full Potential in Newburyport. Prior to becoming a chiropractor, he spent his collegiate years studying nutrition and exercise physiology; as well as working as a personal trainer. In addition to his education in […]

Highly recommended!

Dr. Carey has an amazing ability to identify the root cause of any health problem. Whenever I get adjusted, I get off the table feeling like a million bucks!  I highly recommend Dr. Carey for ANY health concern you have.  He is extremely intelligent and really understands how the body […]

Bringing me back to health!

I’ve known Dr. Sean Carey since high school and have seen his progress both as a student and professional. He has always worked hard and studied to be the best he can as a chiropractor. I’ve been competing in CrossFit and kettlebell competitions for over 5 years now and whenever […]

Chiropractic and Children

My father grew up building houses with his grandfather and my brothers. One of the things that I learned from my father, is the importance of making sure the foundation is level before you ever start building a house. A house built on a crooked foundation will often have problems […]

Triathlete – The difference has been incredible!

As an avid triathlete, I have always struggled to stay injury-free through the hundreds of hours of training every season. I have worked with many different practitioners, but I always seem to be struggling with one injury or another. It wasn’t until I started working with Dr. Sean Carey at […]

Dr. Carey is the best!!!

I spent three days a week seeing another chiropractor for a year. I was still living in agony and sleeping on ice packs. After just  a few weeks of getting adjusted by Dr. Carey my life improved greatly. I have severe scoliosis, rods screwed to my spine, and vertebrae fused […]

Low Back Pain – What you need to know!

Being a chiropractor, it probably does not surprise you that we see A LOT of people with lower back pain. Here are a few things to be aware of: Don’t assume that the pain will magically go away on its own! Pain is your body’s warning signal. The pain has […]

I’m back in the game!

BACK IN THE GAME! Thanks to Dr. Carey, I am able to compete in Crossfit again as a master’s athlete. When I first came to his office 4 months ago, I was having nerve pain that was radiating down my arm and into my fingers. I was very frustrated by […]

I am now a firm believer!

I would most definitely recommend Dr. Sean to all of my family and friends. I’ve been going for about a month now and after just my first appointment, I was feeling instant relief. I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to chiropractic care, but now, thanks […]

Highly recommended!

Highly recommended! When I first visited Precision Chiropractic, I didn’t believe in chiropractors; I believed all of the negative rumors. I play a lot of softball and this past season I ended up with major sciatic pain; it affected my performance and a whole lot more.  Dr. Sean Carey was […]

Fighting the flu – Without a flu shot!

Instead of waiting to get sick AGAIN this year, here are some proactive things you can do that have been shown to increase your immune system. We are all exposed to bad bacteria and viruses all the time, and it is our immune system’s job to constantly fight these off. […]

My headaches have gone away!

I had heard of Precision Chiropractic from a friend at work. I am in the tennis business and years of teaching have taken its toll. I also had a car accident last year. I did not know I had sustained a pretty serious neck injury. I had not been feeling […]


Unlike traditional chiropractors, our goal is NOT to treat your symptoms. Our goal is to find out if you have an underlying Structural Shift, and then correct it. When you have optimized structure, everything else works better. When we correct these Structural Shifts, many people find their secondary conditions go […]

Back Pain – Gone!

I think it’s important to put in a good word when a notable service is received…it can be hard to come by these days! I can’t express enough gratitude to Dr. Sean Carey. Recently, I displaced a rib (working out, wish I had a better story!) and could hardly move, […]

Combating Childhood Obesity: The New Epidemic

I’m very excited to offer a special written mini-series called Combating Childhood Obesity: The New Epidemic. I don’t love telling my personal story. Despite the fact that this time in my life occurred almost twenty years ago, it still remains an emotional memory any time I recall it. I will […]

Is chiropractic a cure for ear infections? The dirty truth!

I have a lot of parents, who have heard about the benefits of chiropractic adjustments for children with ear infections. Many children have taken antibiotic after antibiotic after antibiotic; while their ear infections keep recurring. The question in every parent’s mind is: Why does this keep happening? Is there another […]

Who is responsible for your health?

Every New Year, I am bombarded with questions about health insurance and chiropractic. Many people are very surprised to find out that their health insurance does not cover the care that they need. This is a valid concern, because in our country we pay so much for our health insurance. […]

How to Raise Healthy Kids in an Unhealthy World!

On Saturday, February 1st at 4 P.M. I will be giving a complimentary talk to the community about how to raise healthy kids in a very unhealthy world. This talk is especially relevant to mothers, teachers, and anyone who is planning on becoming a mother within the next 3 years. […]

We are now open on SATURDAYS!!!

Due to overwhelming requests, and a desire to make your life as easy as possible; we will now be open on Saturdays from 10-12. We will not have a receptionist on duty, so all appointments will be served on a walk-in basis. Occasionally, my travel schedule will require me to […]

Britta’s Story

You may have noticed that we have a new, smiling face behind the front desk. Britta Johnson joined our team about one month ago, and we are VERY happy to have her! Rachel graduated with her B.S. in Psychology this December from Merrimack College, and accepted a job in Boston […]

I’m straightened out… literally!

I highly recommend Dr. Sean and his friendly staff at Precision Chiropractic. As a lifelong athlete with ankle, knee and back issues, Dr. Sean has always been able to identify my problem areas / pain (usually without me even telling him) and get them straightened out, literally! What impresses me […]

Free Care for Veterans

I am very pleased to announce that I have recently partnered up with the Veteran’s Outreach Center in Haverhill, as well as the Patriot Riders to start a free chiropractic clinic for veterans. The clinic opened two weeks ago, and it has been a HUGE success so far. In fact, […]


I love dentists. Perhaps it was the years I spent as a broke student without dental coverage, or perhaps it is because there are so many similarities to what I focus on (Structural BioCorrection) and dentistry. When you look at people’s teeth today, you see a lot of beautiful smiles. […]

Free Headache Workshop at David’s Tavern

When I was a child, my father was my hero. He still is, but when I was younger I thought that he walked on water. At least twice a month without fail, my father would be bedridden with debilitating migraine headaches that lasted 2-3 days at a time. That made […]

Am I a Bad Brother?

After I moved back from chiropractic school in Texas, I moved into my childhood home in Rowley; where I live with my brother. This has a lot of pros, and some cons, but overall we have a lot of fun and get along extremely well. Two months ago my brother […]

How you sleep is important!

Sleeping in an awkward, strained position is one of the most detrimental things that you can do for your spinal health. Many people enter my office with chronic neck, shoulder, lower back, or hip issues that can be traced back to the way they sleep. Sleeping in poor positions can […]

The Power of Habit

Over the years, I have become much more interested in the habits that people have. When I was younger (before I was ever exposed to chiropractic), I was a personal trainer at the University gym where I went to school. I was always interested in the newest supplement, the newest […]

Maleigha’s Story

This is why I wake up every morning! Please take a moment to read Maleigha’s story. You may have seen a beautiful 10 year-old girl in the office in the past few months. Maleigha first came into the office this summer. Not only was she developing scoliosis, she was also […]

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