Traditional Chiropractic vs. Structural Chiropractic

Traditional Chiropracticnormal-structure

Traditional Chiropractic care typically aims to increase range of motion, decrease muscle spasm, and relieve pain. Traditional chiropractors can be excellent at doing this and removing your symptoms.
At Precision Chiropractic – Newburyport, MA our approach is different, focusing on Structural BioCorrection. We analyze specifc structural radiographs, a digital posture analysis, surface electromyogrpahy, and thermographic scans to identify any Structural Shifts of the spine. Reversing structural abnormalities through Structural BioCorrection gets to the root cause of many underlying conditions. Think of your spine like the foundation of a building. The rest of the building cannot be stable if it’s not sitting on a strong foundation.


Structural BioCorrection

Strong-Foundation-225x300Structural BioCorrection will restore that internal framework that serves as the foundation to your body. Most of our patients appreciate the fact we can show them a before and after picture of their spine to see the progress. Many were tired of patching things up only to have them return a few months later. If your house were on an unsteady foundation would you want to continually patch up the drywall, fix the windows, and continue to nail down the creaky floors every time they appeared? As you might have guessed, our services aren’t for everyone, but for those who are not looking for a patch, but instead looking for a customized, long term solution where they can not only feel the difference, but see it with their own eyes.



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