Why us?

At Precision Chiropractic, we really strive to go the extra mile. The atmosphere is vibrant and welcoming as you walk through the door, and you are always greeted with a warm smile!

At our office, our patients feel like family. If you have read our online reviews, you would see a common theme in the reviews is that we care about our patients. The truth is, we really do care!

We stand for living in a world where people reach their full potential, and we believe that there is no better place to start than with excellent health!

  • Robin Miniter

    “It may read as an exaggeration to say that Dr. Sean’s practice changed my life, but I stand behind these words completely. I came to Dr. Sean with my body battered by years of competitive sports and with chronic throat and sinus problems that baffled doctors all over. I had resigned myself to exiting hurt and sickly, and figured this was the baseline at which my body operated — he proved me so wrong. As a woman with a history of reconstruction surgeries, concussions, broken bones and extensive ligament damage, I can honestly say I’ve never felt better in my life. With my body aligned, I’m finally healthy and happy and clear-headed and totally active again. Dr. Dean, in all of his kindness, knowledge, and true professionalism, is truly a healer. He and Britta are so welcoming, patient, attentive, and truly -see- their patients — and truly care about their well-being. A really special place — I can’t recommend his practice enough!”

  • Jeff Murzycki

    “While I have only been seeing Dr. Sean since Fall of 2015, the results in that time have been nothing short of remarkable! I had no idea how many aches, pains, and limitations in movement I was living with on a daily basis until I started treatment. People will figuratively use “life changing” to describe many things. Through Dr. Sean’s treatment, he has literally changed my life – witnessed by the increased horseplay with my 2 boys, able to roll around on the floor and run around outside and not being in pain! I only wish I started sooner in life. I would highly recommend Precision Chiropractic and Dr. Sean Carey to anyone interested in chiropractic care. He is incredibly knowledgeable and easy to speak with, his initial assessments are incredibly thorough and there are no sales tactics or pressure. He presents a treatment plan, from there, the decision is yours. He also goes above and beyond by hosting community nights and wellness talks in his office. Britta, his office assistant is a cheerful, welcome face that greets all who walk in the office.”

  • Drew Verrengia

    “I would most definitely recommend Dr. Sean to all of my family and friends. I’ve been going for about a month now and after just my first appointment, I was feeling instant relief. I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to chiropractic care, but now, thanks to Dr. Carey, I now am a firm believer. He goes above and beyond to make sure that each person that walks into his office is as comfortable as possible and provides the utmost care to every patient. For that, I can not be more thankful!”

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